The Spell of Objects


Part of what makes life so rich is the silent beauty of what we call 'Inanimate objects'. In ancient Greece, it was commonplace for Artists, Sculptors and other makers to get caught in a frenzy of aesthetic intoxication. They would not be expected to speak or rationalise what was causing them such relative fever, it was understood that objects, all of which were entirely hand crafted, had their own intelligence and influence on a space. 



Many of us understand this intuitively, children certainly do. One of the things I adore about jewellery is that people rarely intellectualise it. It simply speaks to us in its own bewitching language. 

All over the world, entire cultures are built around this appreciation. India is the first place I bring to mind; a nation that has fused sensory experience with religion, devotion and celebration for millennia. Flowers blossom everywhere, their sight and fragrance an offering of generosity for anyone who passes by, and of course, the Gods and Goddesses.

In life, there is a joy of objects, and their arrangement that is so complete and so nourishing, yet we don't seem to have a name for it in the English language. 



I am acutely influenced by the aesthetics of my environment, on every scale. This isn't about striving for perfection, but it is about feeling connected to where I am and what I wear. It's about noticing the subtleties of the colour of the paint, the fabric of the furnishings, the way the light pours in. The uniqueness of each kitchen tile.


Moroccan pottery, indian folk anomal, mexican tiles


Since the European Philosophical Enlightenment, we have culturally held intellectual accomplishment as superior to those of a sensory and aesthetic nature. Over time, this has lead to the belief that it is superficial to be spend time on the appearance of things, and that answers come from our mind. Answers come from relaxation, and relaxation comes from enjoyment. To thoroughly enjoy the objects around us is, I believe, to live a wealthy life. 


I love the first things I see when I wake up to express this. My days start with an appreciation of the treasures around me, old and new, they inspire and delight me. 

Moroccan pottery, gold organic handcrafted jewellery, afghan antique jewellery

If you're reading this then I'm sure you're already in agreement about the importance of connection to beauty and aesthetics, an inner sense, rather than a sense of beauty that is externally dictated to us in terms of fluctuating fashions. A sense of beauty that is intimate and personal. 

Jewellery brings me this same sense of wordless appreciation and magic, and somehow, although it's completely public, it's also our own private companion, right up against our soft skin.

Gypsy set grey diamond ring, texture rich stackable rings

I noticed that some of my treasured household items were not taking the centre stage that they deserved so today I've cleared some space around them, to let them shine, breathe, be seen.

Are there objects you could clear some clutter away from so their influence can be experienced in your home today? 

Is there jewellery that you save for a special occasion that you could put on today, for the sheer reason of enjoyment? 

Wishing you beauty and pleasure, every day. 




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