Our relationship with objects is an ancient conversation..

That's why I design from a place of intuition and connection. I believe you should feel appreciated and elevated by your jewellery, not part of some production line from the narrow perspective of trends and fashions. Your jewellery should bring you protection and power; a feeling that stands outside of time.
Women have had their self-expression externally governed for thousands of years. My brand promotes a natural empowerment and a respect for women regardless of what they believe and practice. My intention with this jewellery is that somehow it reflects something to you, your beauty and wildness. That you wear it alone or with others, and feel supported to be yourself. 
Having first picked up a soldering iron when I was seven,  jewellery feels like my mother tongue. I'm fascinated by the uplifting and majestic power jewellery has on us as humans, and it brings me unending joy to see the feeling of beauty and pleasure in my customers when they wear their jewellery.
I craft each piece in wax, using a scalpel and my fingers- which I believe maintains the potency of the work, the transmission of fingerprints, a moment in time. This method of wax moulding brings a sumptuous softness that's feminine and sensual, held close to your body it will feel like a second skin.