Loren Lewis Cole- Detailed adornment with an ancestral edge 
"I have been wearing, creating and studying jewellery and adornment since my early teens. Combining my love for the talismans of peoples and cultures gone by, and a personal appreciation of 
expressionism, I create textural work in precious metals, diamonds, rubies and saphires. My work is artful, sensual and deeply personal. I seek to continue a lineage of humanities primitive artistic roots, as well as create something contemporary and unseen." - Loren

Texture and pattern tell their own story, wordless and free. Texture influences how we feel and act, and is a direct route to our deep sensuality, free from intellectual limitations. I've always felt naked without my jewellery. The intimacy of these tiny glistening stories of intrigue, against my skin all the time, somehow has always made me feel most myself. 

I love to see how others adorn themselves, both ethnographically and within contemporary culture. For me, jewellery bridges the intimate and the collective. Silently conversing with our bodies, our senses, our feeling for ancestry and lineage, jewellery cultivates personal expression yet is older than records know.

A traveller at heart, I have spent time swapping skills with and learning from craftspeople wherever I have travelled. Craft is one of our shared languages. I've been fortunate enough to work metal alongside Tibetan, Turkish and Indian goldsmiths. I believe deeply in the the cultural value of craft and the person to person transmission of these skills. Metalsmithing is an ancient and profound craft, one that connects me to ancestors I've never met.

We all carry personal shrines imbued with legend and magic. Minarets of meaning that symbolise what we treasure, what’s sacred in our worlds. I creates tiny shrines to beauty and texture, in sumptuous golden forms.
Somehow, this is my most authentic language, I can say things in metal and pattern that I find no words for. The biggest gift is meeting my customers, as I know we share a language.