I'm a compulsive creator, I always have been. No wall, surface or space is safe from my obsessive desire to decorate and adorn. I see Art as medicine in a profound way. It's psychic medicine, working on a level that supports all other levels.
Jewellery blends many worlds.
I first picked up a soldering iron when I was seven years old, and as a young adult worked alongside tribal metalworkers making jewellery with fire on the floor. I trust deeply the potency of jewellery and its trans cultural, universal significance as a portable, wearable shrine. 
Inspired by the liminal, mysterious, feminine and creative aspects of being, I create intricate designs in wax, using a scalpel and my fingers- which I believe maintains the potency of the work, the transmission of fingerprints, a moment in time. This method of wax moulding brings a sumptuous softness that's feminine and sensual, held close to your body it will feel like a second skin.
May we work together to fortify the presence of the imaginal and sensual, aesthetic aspects of being, in these degenerate times that are contaminated by rationally dominant thinking, we desperately need the soothing balm of the feminine in this world. We need poetry, beauty, love.
My intention is to create jewellery from my own intuition, as we all do, and transmit something to you when you wear the piece. Perhaps you then transmit to those around you something of your intuition and creativity. 
A shrine to our memories, longings, beauty. A place we go to be jolted out of ordinary consciousness and into the presence of the sublime.