To denounce sensuality is to live a smaller life...

Jewellery and sensuality

I love to create, and I'm grateful to know how important sensuality is to our wellbeing. Sensuality releases us from the grips of being stuck upstairs in our heads. Sensuality is the gateway to who we really are- it's always bigger than the object, but it's the gateway nonetheless. Sensuality is cosmic. 

The philosophically materialist worldview split matter with metaphysics, reducing sensuality to corporeal simplicity, a lesser dominion. In fact, it's the opposite, as we here all know! To denounce sensually is to live a smaller life. 

Sensuality and Jewellery- perfectly imperfect

The objects and environments we love are the portals to presence and engagement with where we are. Björk sang "It takes courage to enjoy..." 🎶Yes, it does. In an age of fast fashion and external validation, it takes knowing ourselves to know we don't want what everyone else has, just because we're told to want it. 

I've always loved jewellery that doesn't look like a computer has made it, that's straight and linear. I'd put a ring on my finger and feel like a wild animal in glitter, it just didn't match. So I created what I wanted to see in the world. What else can we do!? 

Yesterday I took the afternoon just to play. I'd reached saturation with work and needed to experiment. For the sake of creativity it's so important to have this space. I collected some of my favourite textures and objects around me, and started feeling so inspired. 

Jewellery and sensuality, perfectly imperfect

Everything I create comes from this place of intuition, inspiration and play.

I wish you all a day filled with sensuality, in only the way you know how, 




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