Loren Lewis Cole

The Winged Energy of Delight Necklace


- 22 carat gold plated silver necklace made from ten individual sculptures of phallus and vulva,  adorned with intricately carved wings and finishing with heart detail towards the fastening. 

- 19 inch chain that sits flat with a detailed fastening mechanism for easily putting on and off. Something to enjoy from all angles.

- Gold plated recycled silver

- British Hallmarked

Please allow up to 4 weeks for your jewellery to arrive, it's lovingly made to order for you.

Kindly email the studio with your special request or timeline enquiries@lorenlewiscole.com

This necklace upon first glance looks like a garland of Greco-Roman leaves, perhaps you see the sacred hidden in the profane, and the profane hidden within the sacred...

I've been fascinated by the depiction of human sexuality since the beginnings of recorded Art, the changing notion of taboo and censorship, this 19th Century painting speaks to me of the innate purity of human sensuality and embodiment. The natural background mirrors the naturalness of sexual desire, and the wings echo joyousness, they are light, carried.

The innocence and purity of the human body has been weaponised against us ~ women scared to touch their own flesh, shamed into never being acceptable simply as they are. ~men in shame inflicted prisons with their phones and a nameless female who won't require the vulnerability of actually relating.

This is a garland of innocence. If you feel uncomfortable beholding these images, allow the conditioning to dissolve, look within and come home to your own sacredness. Forget the billboards and buses, diet culture and sensuality as sin.

Your body is the only place in the whole universe you will wake up to. Your body is a shrine, into which we can travel through vast distances of inner space.
Bodily shame and disassociation are tools that have been used first to control large populations of people into the subjugation of their energy, thereby having to outsource it to those holy men who know more than we all do, and more recently in the post industrial landscape , to facilitate the incessant stream of not being good enough to just enjoy our lives as we are.
Intuition and instinct communicate through the body, the organs, the skin, without that information we go very off track ~ we are animals with intellects and both need fortifying.
Bodies are innocent and sacred, we come from flesh 

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Lina S.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Sensuous innocence, pure delight ✨️

I greatly admire Loren's work and am so grateful to have a few of her pieces. They are beautifully crafted and imbued with such love - her blog posts are generous sharings of wisdom that are testament to the frequency she embodies and flows into her creations. Loren's Winged Energy of Delight is my most treasured adornment - a talismanic reminder of the sanctity of our temple bodies, and representing my personal commitment to re-membering and re-storying from false narratives. From my heart to yours. Thank you Loren!!