Loren Lewis Cole

Wild Wolf Medicine // Shapeshifters


These necklaces are made to order. Please allow 3 - 4 weeks for delivery.

Sacred Wild Wolf Necklace with flashing stones, combining shapes and patterns.

For my whole life I've seen patterns when I close my eyes. The Wolf to me, and I'm sure you can relate, represents the undomesticated aspect of being that's free to be natural and ourselves. The pattern is there because pattern always arises from nothingness. Structure briefly arises out of chaos only to disappear into chaos again. Life is wild & I make talismans to celebrate that paradox.

  • 22 carat gold plated silver
  • Lab made shimmering light grey faceted stones
  • 18 inch box chain
  • Ready to ship

This Wolf necklace is the most popular of the animal talismans, my most popular piece. To me, this speaks to the inherent connection to our inner wildness, and the resonance in the image of Wolf.

However far we stray, the wildness within beckons, hear her song...feel her dance.


 Since he was very young, my son has had a natural ability to capture the gesture of animals. He watches them closely and absorbs images of them from books like a sponge. I’m moved by his ability to capture small details that give the image more character than I’ve ever been able to capture in artwork. The house is full of his imagery, with focus on the musculature and paw formation, wings and beak that I simply could never create. I was always dissatisfied with my figurative paintings, they seemed lifeless. Perhaps that’s why I use pattern and the abstract instead.

Then, suddenly, one day this year I was overcome with the desire to create tiny wax models of animals in his style, this primitive style that’s full of gesture and emotion. I felt possessed by something that had come from him, and ten animals came through my fingertips. I felt connected to them in a way I never could with painting. I feel they’re dynamic and honest in a way that lacks the burden of detail. Maybe it’s that to translate an idea into beeswax is so much harder than with pencils, but I really like what’s come through.
This is the first of collaborations between my son and me, and I hope there will be more, but I shall have to see what the future holds, as he has his own path that he must walk.

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