Loren Lewis Cole

All day adornment workshop~ sculpt two pieces from wax. June 22- BRISTOL ~ 10AM- 4PM


I Invite you to a day long, immersive wax workshop where you'll be supported to create two pieces of brass jewellery, adorning your body in any way you'd like. 

The workshop will run 10 am - 4 pm. We will have the time to enjoy a lunch break, pause to take moments of reflection and spend time with each other in an unhurried way. This environment is conducive to really allowing our ideas to flow. 

An afternoon workshop exploring the ancient technique of lost wax casting. Suitable for complete beginners as well as designers wanting to fine tune an area of skill. Whether you'd like to work first from a sketch or directly with the materials and spontaneity, this will be an inspiring environment where you can bring your own talisman/amulet into being.  

The workshop will include an introduction to the method and to approach building your sculpture. This method is also highly intuitive given the malleability and soft nature of the wax. Most importantly, come and play, see what happens, experiment, get things wrong, allow the surprise of being guided by the process, discover the magic waiting in your hands and heart.

My experience is that making the first piece leads to innumerable ideas about the next piece, and here we will have the time to really go deep with your ideas. 

This is a group workshop so we will be able to access the potency of a shared, encouraging creative and exploratory atmosphere.

 Please feel free bring any objects or relics that have significance, inspiration or charm to you.

I'll then cast, finish and polish your work and send them to you within 3-4 weeks.

Please bring your lunch, and I'll provide nibbles and a cake.

Option to pay for silver / gold can be discussed at the workshop.

I look forward to seeing you there 🖤


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