Loren Lewis Cole

Mountain Reflection Ring

 A sumptuous shield style ring that will go on your finger and not come off.
- 22 carat gold plated , recycled silver

Mountains are personally meaningful to me, the symbol of the mountain being reflected in a still lake which effortlessly mirrors what is there is a symbolic reminder that our perception is only as clear as the mind that perceives.

Can the tiny details in life enchant us?
Enchanting heirloom pieces designed to be collected, loved and passed down your lineage.
I designed this jewellery for you to wear every day and feel the sumptuous delight in wearing your jewellery, paired back in size but not sentiment or impact. 

Shapes and textures to enchant and delight your senses.

Please allow up to 4 weeks for your jewellery to arrive, it's lovingly made to order for you.

Kindly email the studio with your special request or timeline enquiries@lorenlewiscole.com

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