Loren Lewis Cole

Turquoise Cosmos Pendant


- Gold plated silver, turquoise Cosmos pendant.

- Choice of chain length 18 or 24 inch.

- British hallmarked

Please allow up to 4 weeks for your jewellery to arrive, it's lovingly made to order for you.

Kindly email the studio with your special request or timeline enquiries@lorenlewiscole.com

Cosmos is nostalgia, memory of something before and after the beginning of the self.

A vibration of laughter, humming with ungraspable paradox and dualities to dance between.

The images are an invitation to perceive with your dream nature, your deep heart. The creative mind, our deep intuitive self perceives in resonance. Sense is made from connection and feeling, from allowing the undefined to express itself in our experience.

Engaging through intuition, a dream like spaciousness in which all forms can come and go- is galvanising and life giving. We retain psychic health and energy is bestowed. Our ancestors used many modes of consciousness to navigate the demands of life. The symbolic, imaginal realms offer us nutrition in a time of starvation. May we eat and may we share this feast with others.

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