Loren Lewis Cole

Ancestor Link Chain

Ancestors are the invisible fibres of inheritance we express,
The song of rosemary smoke echoing through eternity
It's the attachment to pain we can't comprehend
And the spontaneous release into exuberance, a smooth stone in a child's palm
Ancestors are ancient sounds expressed now
Piercing the smoke show of modernity 
Webbed blessing and trauma without the thorn of tension
The primordial gaze through worlds
Responding to the invitation that has no name.



- 22 carat gold plated recycled silver chain made from 9 ancestor sculptures.

- Available in 18 or 22 inch length

- This is a heavy chain, the forms are more cylindrical than flat, a chain of sculptures.

These unusual, hand carved chains showcase my most detailed work. I have honed in to bring you the most concentrated expression in a wearable piece of jewellery that can inspire reflection, creativity and empowerment as you go about your day, a portable invitation to let the logical rest and enter the mysterious.

lBecome porous, hear the songs from across the worlds.

Please allow up to 4 weeks for your jewellery to arrive, it's lovingly made to order for you.

Kindly email the studio with your special request or timeline enquiries@lorenlewiscole.com

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