Loren Lewis Cole

Shapeshifters Animal Necklace

- A garland of animals who inhabit the Earth, Waters and Skies. 
- 14 individually sculpted animal figures pounce, fly and gallop into each other, weaving a garland of instinctual invitation around your neck.
- 22 carat gold plated recycled silver necklace, with green tourmaline.

Animals are instinct, they are entirely at home where they live, they move freely between modes of rest, intensity and play.

 An invitation to remember the animal, to recall the intimacy of touch and embodiment.


These unusual, hand carved chains showcase my most detailed work. I have honed in to bring you the most concentrated expression in a wearable piece of jewellery that can inspire reflection, creativity and empowerment as you go about your day, a portable invitation to let the logical rest and enter the mysterious.

Please allow up to 4 weeks for your jewellery to arrive, it's lovingly made to order for you.

Kindly email the studio with your special request or timeline enquiries@lorenlewiscole.com


Since he was very young, my son has had a natural ability to capture the gesture of animals. He watches them closely and absorbs images of them from books like a sponge. I’m moved by his ability to capture small details that give the image more character than I’ve ever been able to capture in artwork. The house is full of his imagery, with focus on the musculature and paw formation, wings and beak that I simply could never create. I was always dissatisfied with my figurative paintings, they seemed lifeless. Perhaps that’s why I use pattern and the abstract instead.
Then, suddenly, one day this year I was overcome with the desire to create tiny wax models of animals in his style, this primative style that’s full of gesture and emotion. I felt possessed by something that had come from him, and ten animals came through my fingertips. I felt connected to them in a way I never could with painting. I feel they’re dynamic and honest in a way that lacks the burden of detail. Maybe it’s that to translate an idea into beeswax is so much harder than with pencils, but I really like what’s come through.
This is the first of collaborations between my son and me, and I really hope there will be more, but I shall have to see what the future holds, as he has his own path that he must walk.

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Lissie M.
United Kingdom

Gloriously original

Wonderfully and carefully made.