Loren Lewis Cole

Unique Talisman # 79 // Earrings


Welcome to my most recent work in colour. This collection features 

- Lab made stones (unless stated) & natural pearls (as well as lapis lazuli and rock Crystal) 

- 22 carat gold plated silver 

- Everything here is in stock and ready to ship to you, or to a special someone.


I trust you will excuse my lack of individual description for each piece. This collection of work was forged in the depths of winter uncertainty. Setbacks, complications and doubt obscured my momentum towards making new work and holding a vision in my heart for 2023.

Thanks to the incessant changing landscape of things, this cleared and much energy was released into my creativity~ resulting in this collection of work that are each entirely unique. The lab made stones allow for a stunning array of colour and shine, dripping with texture and pattern. These pieces are sumptuous and rich yet perfect for daily wear and layering. 

The pieces are so saturated with colour and energy, I’m so happy with them and the joy they bring from being with me here in my studio. I can’t wait for you to meet yours. 

Go for the ones that speak to you, that reflect something wordless to you. Be open to that whisper that things are workable, open to co-creation and the world is indeed soft and open to your impressions and influence. 

Your creativity and courage will expand the way you see the world~ this is my constant learning as I weave up and down in expansion and contraction, as we all do. Expanding with the creative pulse and contracting with our fear, and the need to protect our ideas and energy. Share the unique way you see the world, you never know how it will help, inspire or comfort another being. 

Please note - additional photos, videos and close ups are given via Instagram stories ~ please see there for more information. 

Any questions please reach out to me at enquiries@lorenlewiscole.com

With love,



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