Loren Lewis Cole

Tourmaline Dream Earrings # 15


Length 50mm.

These earrings will move with you, as you dance, as you speak, as you enjoy. You're going to be noticed.

From the tourmaline top, spirals fall down in an elegant and classic form.  Finished with a pearl. 

A garnet cabochon  forms the stud of these decadent earrings. Set with a bezel in the centre, and soldered onto a piece of silver sheet that I then carved lines into, creating a sense of halo and shine from the stone. Moving the energy out into your surroundings.

Please be aware that natural variations and differences of colour will be found in these natural stones. I cannot guarantee each stone will be the same shape or size, I believe this makes them very special.

Full of texture, pattern and play and are designed for all day wear as well as evening sumptuousness.

22 carat gold plated recycled silver. Garnet. Pearl. 

Ready to ship. 

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