Loren Lewis Cole

The Open Arms of Grace


Joy. Love. Innocence. Openness. 

This is that state of wonder and openness, that innocence within the depths of the human heart. The place that hasn't been educated. The beginner. Although there is no 'knowledge', there is the natural expansive fearlessness that's never been shut down and civilised. 

Protect this. Protect our children. Protect the heart. 

All I feel when I hold these is a sense of Grace. Being carried. Opening up to what's here. 

In the world of blame and shame, winning and losing, there are always problems, always things to improve. Yet, in the spiritual realm, grace is touchable, love is here. The spiritual realm isn't measurable with the same scales as our outer struggles. Life can be full of struggle and strife, yet our inner wings are spread and experiences feel like nectar. 

These elaborately decorative earrings are a reminder to expose the jewel of the heart, to keep our arms open to the richness and grace of this life. The inner world isn't satiated by the security of the outer life. Beauty can awaken in our hearts at any moment, perception is blessed with generosity and openness, in often unexpected moments of seeming imperfection.

Length 70 mm.

Stud backed.

Welcome to a corner of my world I seldom share. These pieces spontaneously sprung into being with a lot of joy and lightness. composed entirely from spirals of soft coiled wax, these shapes and sentiments carry spontaneity, softness and a sense of playful openness.

I'm developing some ideas and these are part of the first stage of sampling, they're perfectly imperfect cast in place lab made stones.

Please note, due to the size of stones, casting them in place is highly risky and an unpredictable process. Some of these stones are cracked, so I'm offering you only the preview to buy some behind the scenes workings out, whilst I extend research and development into this collection. 

As designers, there are many pieces we work out and many processes we develop behind the scenes. I thought it would be fun to offer these to you, in my inner circle. 

These original pieces are in stock and ready to ship.

They are full of sentiment, joy and lightness. 

22 carat gold plated silver, synthetic stones.

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