The Fountain of Venus Earrings

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‘After her birth, Venus came ashore on a shell, pushed along by the breath of Zephyrus, the god of the west wind.’ 

The mythological handmaidens of Venus had power over the natural cycle of the seasons, a reflection of the feminine, cycles of fertility and renaissance. 

In Sandro Botticelli’s renowned work ‘Birth of Venus’, the breath of Zerhyrus is depicted through chevron strokes of white froth apron the surface of the sea. The breath of Zephyrus was bestowed with the power to fertilise and create new life. The birth of a pearl from the loins of the oyster. 

The shell is a symbol of prophecy, we can sensate its spiralling form as an allegory of all origins and their ends. Every shell has its own song, every woman her own evolution. Birthed in beauty from dark waters from which all else flow, the shell suggests a spiral, a vortex, a whirlpool from which and out of which things both appear and disappear. The symbol of the shell unifies the earth with the water, the dense with the fluid. 

The Fountain of Venus Earrings are amulets of beauty, change and confidence in the seductive winds of elemental influence. We are all born to beauty and potential, and as the gyring influences of life rattle us, they need not stray us from our innate capacity to inspire love, beauty and renaissance. 


All of the elemental principles contain the seed of life and chaos. In exploring these amulets, we discover the intrinsic opera of femininity in all of them, with a connection that's personal to you as the wearer. Feeling the presence of the outer landscapes reflected within brings a poetic sense of intimacy with ourselves; a native belonging in our own skin. 


Eco Silver with Fair Mined 22 karat gold plating. Hand dived Akoya Keishi pearls.

We use traditional methods of lost wax casting to make your jewellery. We keep very limited stock, so your jewellery is lovingly made to order. Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery. 

Why reach for beauty?

When we encourage a more sensual intelligence, enjoying the forms we see, hear, touch, smell and taste, we feel the poetry of life as it is in real time. An appreciation for the raw, the unrefined and the mysterious springs from this sensuality.



My jewellery is absolutely stunning and I shall treasure it forever and a day. I adore your work and appreciate the ceremony and sacred essence that go into it.

Jenna Gooding

I am in awe of the beauty of my jewellery. I wore it at the weekend and cannot put into words how I felt in it. It felt so precious to adorn myself with these sacred pieces, they feel so much like antiquity.

Louise Brehen

Texture is the story the world tells our senses

Bodies like pattern

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