Loren Lewis Cole

RINGS // Sensuous Splendour Talisman # 33



Kindly email enquiries@lorenlewiscole.com post purchase specifying size, and to request your complimentary ring sizer if you require one (U.K. only) - I will post you one, then I'll resize.  🌹

- Lab created stones, high saturation of colour, in a variety of shapes

- 22 carat gold plated sterling silver 

- These rings all have 360 degree detail which I have tried my best to communicate in the photos. They all look and feel better in real life, alas, I do what I can! These sensually rich, evocative rings are a treat ~ enjoy ❤️

Another drop of one of a kind pieces of talismanic jewellery. What, you might ask, is talismanic about these pieces? Well, what I can say is that I go deep within myself and mine from the well of inspiration that's open to us all, to create the work I create. 

More than ever, I'm having to be spiritually and emotionally resourceful, to stay grounded in this earth yet steeped in the invisible realm of connection, sensitivity and vision. I create these pieces from that space, and whilst the photography is my own, and I lack model shots and any editing skills, (what you see is what there is).

I offer you the energy of my endeavours, I offer the conviction that amidst uncertainty (which is how things are), there is tenacity, blessing and awe. I offer the reflection to any heart that is open, that Beauty is alive and the heart is a vast dimension, always accessible. Beauty and awe care not for the conditions of the mundane world, not really, they are seemingly unrelated to success in the traditional sense. They exist alongside struggle, pain, doubt, self sabotage, and boredom. 

I make these pieces during a time in my life of where I'm experiencing doubt, struggle, uncertainty and  heaviness. And that's more than ok. I feel alive, tender and responsive. I make Art because I will not wait for perfect conditions or a free schedule. Indeed, the creative experience is my alter, the formless space I meet the paradoxical and haunting beauty of what it is to be embodied. 

Talisman, then, is the object made from the frequency of that space. The jewellery itself is the condensation of this experience, and through the pulse of our connection, we share in this talismanic experience. Ancient, timeless, and thoroughly alive.

These one of a kind pieces are highly laborious to make. Sculpted from soft wax, with the stones individually pushed in, each one surrounded by a coil of soft hand rolled wax, meticulously arranged to create a feeling in the finished piece. A union of spontaneity and thoughtfulness.





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