Loren Lewis Cole

Power of Triangles Pendant


A delicate pendant full of detail and texture. Lapiz Lazuli enamel detail, with raised triangles. 

Wear as a stand alone pendant, or as a charm with your other favourite pieces. 

22 karat gold plated Eco Silver, on a delicate 18 inch chain. 

Even in the most challenging of situations there are swirling galaxies of possibility.

The Song of Psyche is whispering to us at the threshold of mundane consciousness, the liminal space between things.

These amulets speak to the Psyche within you; the native wilderness of your unique expression, as a reminder to hear her song. 

Wherever you are, wander far from the chattering and the voices, the noises and advice, and softly come home to the vulnerability of your heart, this powerful creature that you are.

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