Loren Lewis Cole

The Salacious Jester Earrings


22 carat gold-plated Eco-Silver Earrings, stud ear post and butterfly back.

The Salacious Jester Earrings encourage the jester demeanour, a sense of playfulness and liminality, to flirt with oneself, to Conjure with life's limitations and emerge in Beauty.


Psyche is within us, deep Soul is inside of us, in an ancient conversation with the sisters of expectation and and obligation. 

Psyche isn't satisfied by the displays of security, castles of wealth, future plans, and status with no freedom won't feed this hunger. 

Psyche is the nomad within us- owned by nobody and tied to nothing; weaving a path through poetry, music, the joyous union of presence and the unknown.

Psyche is the hunger of an accomplished artist with the innocence of a child- she is the root and fruition of all longing. 

Psyche is your native heart, your deep knowing, the courageous spirit who seeks beyond the horizons of what we're told to be. 

Psyche comes forth when we quieten ideas of our proper, polished ways. She perks to attention when the poignance of human expression and vulnerability fill the space, when we act from instinct we meet her sensual arena.

Psyche has infinite lives, and will come back from every death. Fear not, there's no place you cannot find her, though find her we must.

Humanity, at this moment, is hungry for the Song of Psyche. The parched plains and tundras, saturated with reason and intellect need the nourishment and nectar of your poetry, your instinct, your wild responsiveness, your Art.

There's enough time, dear one, and plenty of creative blessings. May we coax more beauty into this precious world.  

Even in the most challenging of situations there are swirling galaxies of possibility.

The Song of Psyche is whispering to us at the threshold of mundane consciousness, the liminal space between things.

These amulets speak to the Psyche within you; the native wilderness of your unique expression, as a reminder to hear her song. 

Wherever you are, wander far from the chattering and the voices, the noises and advice, and softly come home to the vulnerability of your heart, this powerful creature that you are.

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