Loren Lewis Cole

Crown your Journey Hairpin


22 karat gold plated hairpin, Brass.

Psyche travels to the belly of the underworld, where she is sure she will not return. She walks into her unknown fete, and emerges an initiated one. Psyche walked into the Fire, abandoned hope and fear, and emerged a woman in her fullness..

At this moment, women are told how to ‘be’ women from the outside- the Mythic theme of Psyche allows us a deeply more empowering narrative; we are crowned not from our flawless skin and teenage bodies, but from the wisdom in our hands, and the strength in our intentions.

This is your crown.

Humanity, at this moment, is hungry for the Song of Psyche. The parched plains and tundras, saturated with reason and intellect need the nourishment and nectar of your poetry, your instinct, your wild responsiveness, your Art.

There's enough time, dear one, and plenty of creative blessings. May we coax more beauty into this precious world. 

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