Loren Lewis Cole

The Comb of Discernment Earrings


Hoop earrings with a creole clasp. 22 karat gold plated Eco Silver.

Psyche's journey is populated with competing impulses and fears, her deep instinct for Love, coupled with her fear that she hasn't got what's needed on her quest to become the woman she knows she can become. 

Growth is clumsy and it's difficult. Psyche must sincerely comb through her inner world  to separate growing pains, inevitable in spiritual maturity, from the voices of doubt and fear that want to hold her back. 

Bringing more Love into the world, more Art, deeper meaning, can call on our deepest of resources. Fear and doubt are easy to obtain, rising above them- our quest. 

Humanity, at this moment, is hungry for the Song of Psyche. The parched plains and tundras, saturated with reason and intellect need the nourishment and nectar of your poetry, your instinct, your wild responsiveness, your Art.

There's enough time, dear one, and plenty of creative blessings. May we coax more beauty into this precious world. 

Even in the most challenging of situations there are swirling galaxies of possibility.

The Song of Psyche is whispering to us at the threshold of mundane consciousness, the liminal space between things.

These amulets speak to the Psyche within you; the native wilderness of your unique expression, as a reminder to hear her song. 

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