Loren Lewis Cole

The Hidden Voice of Medusa Collar


22 karat gold plated recycled silver collar. The scale-like parts form a moving collar of a necklace, for the statement adornment.

Works wonderfully when layered with other Medusa necklaces.

From the most ancient to the most recent expressions, women are still characterised as mothers, maidens or monsters; and in each case they are idolized, damaged, or destroyed by the ruling influence of patriarchal power. Thus, The Myth of Medusa has been caged into a neat little tale that condemns women for their beauty, their sensuous intelligence, and silences them in the face of their power being expressed in the world.

Medusa, a beautiful young maiden, worshipping at the Temple of Athena, is sexually assaulted by Neptune. As a punishment for desecrating the holy space, Medusa is turned into a monster of spewing serpentine hair, whose gaze turns men to stone. It is the Goddess Minerva, a Virgin Queen, who wields this fate.

Many of us have experienced being punished for being who we are- for expressing ourselves in the true theatre of our entirety. Worse still, we ourselves can feel like monsters when we leave the neat confines of socially permitted decorum as to how as women we must manifest. Maiden nor mother, then what else are we permitted to be? It matters not what society will permit, what matters is that we ourselves dismantle the conditioning that patterns our energy to be expressed in such codified ways. We are as we are- we need not name it. We are each of us whole, complete and untranslatable beings, complete with our own Mythological unfolding, personal triumphs and delicious unknown.



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