Loren Lewis Cole

Matriarch Hoops # 1


I released a few pairs of these last year, with less adorned details, and they were loved. This time, I've made them all different, with multiple levels and layers of energy and detail. 

-22 carat gold plated recycled silver, with hanging textures, stones and pearls. Each pair is different.

-Creole clasp for easy fastening.

-Light enough for all day / night wear. 7 grams.

They could be called many things and I trust you'll see something unique to your vision of this life.

I couldn't let go of Matriarch.

Women carry much, contain many places for many people, are adorned with the stories, myths and dreams of both themselves and their ancestors. 

Carrying this weight is Sacred. Carrying it is holy, and we needn't be defined by any of the patterns, nor fantasise about minimalism in our lives. This was always a big one for me. Now I see that to carry is sacred work. Awareness makes this sacred work.

This has been a big lesson for me recently, as I watch the women I know and love carry so much. 

Bags, coats, snacks, yes. Worries, dreams, fears. Yes. This life, last life, who knows.

We carry because we can be trusted to hold. If we don't carry anything we're untethered to this life and might as well be light. 

The trouble with that is we need to be incarnated to enjoy jewellery, our bodies, appetites, food.

We are incarnated, full of human bliss and troubles, full of passion and grief. 

What we carry is sacred adornment, and hangs off of us, sparkling and connecting beings in this life. 

May these hoops remind you that to be powerful is to carry many, many burdens and joys. The bigger our capacity, the more we can hold. May all phenomena sparkle in your sacred gaze.

The Matriarch. May we realise what we are. 

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