Loren Lewis Cole

Classical Loop in Loop Chain // Small


- 20 inch loop in loop chain with hammered edges

- 63 individual links

- Links are approximately 5mm x 10 mm

- Available in a choice of recycled metals

Please kindly allow 5 weeks for the dispatch of gold plated, and 2 weeks for solid gold.

Chains are as sensual as the are symbolic. The inherent pleasure in the feeling of metal acting as a liquid, it almost drips. The chain as a symbol represents both connection and unity, and being bound and trapped. This paradoxical connotation nods to both the beauty and dissatisfaction of our human experience. 

Chains as adornment, as well as an engineering development, came about during the Bronze and in Nuba Valley, the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern areas.

Chains have captivated humans since their development, and I am no exception in this captivation. Making these classical chains is a deep pleasure. Each link is made from wire, by hand and soldered. The links are then formed into the desired shape for the design and assembled together. They are added one by one. These links cannot be cast, so the value of these hand crafted chains has always been implicit due to the many hours needed for their creation. 

An artefact of beauty, significance, and longevity. These chains are truly heirlooms that will live on for thousands of years to come. 

Handcrafted chains aren't mass produced, and rarely available in anything other than high carat gold. This is due to how long they take to make. They are works of art.  

'Loop in loop' chains is a category that contains many derivatives. This style is a classical loop in loop chain where the individual links are opened and hammered flat to create this pleasing texture. The chain naturally sits quite flat on the décolletage and has a wonderful weight to it. 

Available in two sizes and weights. Shown together for comparison.

Please kindly email any question to enquiries@lorenlewiscole.com

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