Loren Lewis Cole

Joyous Being with Rubies, Cast in Place, One of a Kind



This is an experimental piece- a total one off ✨

Cast in place rubies - this piece is slightly less than the other two relative to its size because the quality of the central four stones isn't as high as the other stones of the piece. That said, this piece has a lot of potency, magic and a creature like quality.

This year we were supposed to have so many markets, and so I always like to have small add on items that people can buy when they meet my work in person. They were perfect stocking fillers, but we didn't have the Christmas Market ! 

Grab them while they're here - either on a chain or separately so you can add them as charms to your existing chains. Layer them, make multiple charm additions to your necklaces, so you can jingle through your winter ..!

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