Loren Lewis Cole

Greetings Earrings


These earrings are loosely inspired by the Idols of Tell Brak, an ancient city in modern day Syria.

In ancient times, Tell Brak was considered an international city. It was home to several civilizations over the centuries, including the Sumerians and Babylonians amongst others. The 'eye' motif was popular at the time, and was seen as an assertion of attentiveness to the Gods. 

The form of these earrings has a protective motif, an ancient shape that seems terrestrial yet cosmic.

    • 30mm drop, 23mm wide
    • 22 carat gold plated sterling silver, lab made stones.
    • Made with deep magenta and light pink lab made stones 

The pinks with warm gold is an intoxicating combination, I hope you adore them.

Ready to be shipped in 2- 3 weeks.

Kindly email any questions to enquiries@lorenlewiscole.com

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