Loren Lewis Cole

The Hidden Language Bangle- Gold Plated Bronze Chunky Bangle

£200 £390

This highly textured bangle was inspired by an antique piece bought from a desert silver dealer in Morocco. He'd bought it from an Indian dealer who was selling antiques in Marrakech. The man had brotherly reverence and respect for the craftwork of his Indian friend's tradition, and told me that the Indian dealer had expressed the same respect and reverence for the North African traditional jewellery techniques. 

I was struck by the way in which we keep traditions alive through the fabric of our appreciation. Objects made by human hands tell stories straight to our bodies, and we comprehend their poetry regardless of our mother tongue. 

This bangle speaks to the ability of craft and beauty to move anyone who feels it. In this way, Beauty is entirely inclusive.  It speaks to the wealth of traditional artistic techniques that inspire my work.

It speaks to lineage and ancestry. 

It speaks to the basic yet profound language of pattern, and the way we understand it without words. 

This is a heavy piece, a powerful statement bangle. Detailed with texture on the inside as well as outside, this piece is pleasurable from every angle you'll catch it at.

Made from 22 carat gold plated bronze, sourced within the UK, plated with 22 carat warm yellow gold. 

Your bangle is made using the traditional technique of lost wax casting. This makes each piece vary slightly, making it unique and ready to become part of your story. 

Each piece of Loren Lewis Cole jewellery is made lovingly for you in England.

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