Loren Lewis Cole

Galactic Circle Ring with Grey Diamonds - 9 or 18 karat Yellow Gold


Inspired by the notion of sacred armour, the shield rings bring a feeling of power and potency- an armour against our own limitations. 

The circle ring has the feeling of ancient coins, ancestral treasure.

Yellow gold set with 19 assorted size grey diamonds.

Galactic Medallions is a capsule collection of Fair Trade yellow gold amulets inspired by maps and Mandalas, constellations of energy that radiate out, influencing their surroundings. The ordered Chaos of the Cosmos. Sensual meditations, organic bridges between matter and metaphysics.

A shrine is a tribute to an idol, force or spirit. A place where we make sense of these influences that roam that galaxies. Seeing the shrine reminds us of the spirit it was created for. Carrying these shrines in our being, and can use them to traverse matter and magic, we remember we're the source of our own magic.

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