Loren Lewis Cole

Ancestor's Breath // Square Talisman


- 9 carat gold pendant 

- Strong 18" barleycorn chain

- Height including attachment 24mm, Width 20mm 

- A heavy and generous collection of chrome diopside and ruby 

Please note, the pendant here made by casting the stones directly into the metal. Your pendant will have the stones set by a stone setter so there will be no possibility of cracks in the stones.

The shimmering voice of our ancestors can be constantly heard. Through rock, wind, fire, the wisdom of letting go, dance- ceremony. The voice of your ancestors will come to you in such a personal way, a way that's only translatable through your artwork, your frequency. 

No description will ever be enough to contain what you actually are. The deep space in you where poetry swirls and makes love with the succulent earth of your experience, your own cosmology. 

This pendant comes from a dream- ungraspable, as inspiration often does it came from the periphery- just as the calling tones of our ancestors seem to, for me anyway. They're soft and shy, and reverence is needed to cajole them in. 

 Make a shrine, a place where you can summon beauty. Make daily offerings to this space, cut self-protective  irony and cynicism at their root- as these weeds will take the nutrition needed for beauty and reverence to grow. 

Everything we create has a radiation. This pendant too. Charge it with your intention for a fiercer life, for deeper love, insert your dreams into this potent womb and give birth, as the creator you are. 

The first four orders for this pendant will receive an ancestor made from Egyptian Faïence, pigmented with metal oxides, and made from a recipe dating back to the Nuba Valley of ancient Egypt. I have no idea what your ancestor will look like, as they will be made for you, rising from the intuition of the moment. 

Please kindly email any questions to enquiries@lorenewiscole.com

These pendants are available for pre-order for 24 hours, from 7pm

 Once ordered, please allow up to 4 weeks for to receive your Ancestor's Breath Pendant.

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