Loren Lewis Cole

Body of a Queen


These earrings are truly Regal, there's something classical about them, they insinuate an ancient vessel carved from stone as old as time. 

The top part is a stud backing and wraps under the earlobe, from which the body of the earring cascades downwards, allowing movement with the swish of your head. Akoya Keishi pearls drop off the bottom. 

Intricate pattern is everywhere on these earrings, with a pattern of diamonds and circles that has been used by people of the Mediterranean area, East to West Africa, The Celtic and Viking Traditions. 

This geometric echo is a potent reminder of our shared human expression in the form of pattern making. 

If you're looking for something knockout to wear for holiday festivities, these are your ones.

22 carat gold plated recycled silver, Akoya Keishi Pearls.

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