Loren Lewis Cole

Aphrodite's Cave Pendulous Reflection Dangling Hoop Earrings


Refraction, healing, possibility, intangibility, a state of awe.

Light, the least tangible aspect of reality.

So subtle, composed from neither matter nor predictability.

Imperceptible light, you shape everything.

Intangible sphere of being, without source, you're free from the concept of destruction.

You cannot die, you only transform. 

Riding the light of your being 

You circle outwards, inwards, upwards. 

All of the elemental principles contain the seed of life and chaos. In exploring these amulets, we discover the intrinsic opera of femininity in all of them, with a connection that's personal to you as the wearer. Feeling the presence of the outer landscapes reflected within brings a poetic sense of intimacy with ourselves; a native belonging in our own skin.  

Eco silver with Fair Mined 22 carat gold plating.

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