Loren Lewis Cole

Aphrodite's Cave Memory of The Earth Earrings


“from the stone papyrus 

there, as here, ruin opens 

the tomb, the temple; enter, 

there as here, there are no doors: 

the shrine lies open to the sky, 

the rain falls, here, there 

sand drifts; eternity endures.” 

- Hilda Doolittle- musings of Egypt and cultural memory 

Earth -  we walk through ancient stone instructions, tombs, temples and marble doorways. Intricate temples of unimaginable beauty. Canyons, mountains, unending planes of searing red dust. 

Erosion sculpting its mark upon the body of the world. The doorways to our own unfoldment seem more ephemeral. They continue to prophesy, being built and crumbling, sometimes within minutes. 

 The Earth works incessantly- perhaps the reason that many cultures symbolism around the earth is linked to a tri-fold principle, often expressed in a triangle, bestows the notion of femininity, of the primary vessel of life, of conception, the womb. 

In Roman Art, overflowing terracotta vessels of olive oil or wine symbolised the feminine. Illustrating the properties of earth, wealth, sensuality and wisdom, an enduring cornucopia of potential that flows urgently from all of us. 

At the altars of our intimate dreams; power, desire and the Earth are dynamically linked. The worlds of imagination and action dance through our passions, through our commitment to bring the imagined into being, to build our own pyramids, labour as though everything depends on it, even if our efforts turn to dust. Building temples that only our intentions sanctify. 

The Memory of the Earth Earrings are an enshrined reminder that pyramids start with a brick, that sky exists because of ground. Every distinct rock is birthed of mountains, elaborate temples of beauty eventually fall back into the succulent hunger of the ground.

Potential is found in dust and stone, dreams and desires.

All of the elemental principles contain the seed of life and chaos. In exploring these amulets, we discover the intrinsic opera of femininity in all of them, with a connection that's personal to you as the wearer. Feeling the presence of the outer landscapes reflected within brings a poetic sense of intimacy with ourselves; a native belonging in our own skin. 

Eco silver with Fair Mined 22 carat gold plating.

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