Loren Lewis Cole

Ancestor Charms


Individual Ancestor charms, 8 different idols that will evoke something in you upon seeing them. 

These sweet charms are perfect for presents, they will come on a red silk ribbon. 

Gold plated recycled silver.

Taken from the Ancestor Link Chain, and are offered here as a smaller token of ancestral connection.

Individual charms that you can wear as a family, or add to other pieces listed online. 

Ancestors are the invisible fibres of inheritance we express,
The song of rosemary smoke echoing through eternity
It's the attachment to pain we can't comprehend
And the spontaneous release into exuberance, a smooth stone in a child's palm
Ancestors are ancient sounds expressed now
Piercing the smoke show of modernity 
Webbed blessing and trauma without the thorn of tension
The primordial gaze through worlds
Responding to the invitation that has no name.

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