The Ocean's Consort Earrings

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Lapiz Lazuli
Keishi Pearls
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Eco silver, 22 carat gold plated.

Creatures of the seas hitchhike on gliding currents, streaming through vast expanses of watery skies. 

 The ocean diffuses and refracts our terrestrial sensibilities. Light ripples and cannot keep still. Depth creates pressure land creatures can’t endure. Tides bend sensually and undulate. Sound travels through the saline vastness, the fluidity of oceanic life brings a sense of freedom and natural regality. 

The flow of transformation is unending. Forces of tide and depth churn shells into sand. The miraculous impossibility of a grain becoming a pearl under the forceful grip of an oyster illustrates the inseparability of beauty, transformation and renewal. 

The seas mirrors our watery nature, desire for surrender, and the iridescent potential in our grit. These earrings sculpturally interpret the mythological theme of plunging deeply into ourselves, swimming through our fears and surfacing with our endogenous riches. 

The Ocean’s Consort Earrings are an intricate wreath of watery spirals, adorned with your choice of hand-dived Ahoy Keishi Japanese pearls, Lapiz Lazuli, or Iranian Turquoise beads.

These earrings consecrate the unvoiced depth that our courage always gifts us.

All of the elemental principles contain the seed of life and chaos. In exploring these amulets, we discover the intrinsic opera of femininity in all of them, with a connection that's personal to you as the wearer. Feeling the presence of the outer landscapes reflected within brings a poetic sense of intimacy with ourselves; a native belonging in our own skin. 

We use traditional methods of lost wax casting to make your jewellery. We keep very limited stock, so your jewellery is lovingly made to order. Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery. 

Why reach for beauty?

When we encourage a more sensual intelligence, enjoying the forms we see, hear, touch, smell and taste, we feel the poetry of life as it is in real time. An appreciation for the raw, the unrefined and the mysterious springs from this sensuality.



My jewellery is absolutely stunning and I shall treasure it forever and a day. I adore your work and appreciate the ceremony and sacred essence that go into it.

Jenna Gooding

I am in awe of the beauty of my jewellery. I wore it at the weekend and cannot put into words how I felt in it. It felt so precious to adorn myself with these sacred pieces, they feel so much like antiquity.

Louise Brehen

Texture is the story the world tells our senses

Bodies like pattern

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