Loren Lewis Cole

Shapeshifting Frequency Link Chain



An entirely luxurious multi link chain composed of seven different motifs. Each one is complex, highly decorative and in aesthetic contrast to the link before. Swirling motifs are assembled next to angular repetitive pointed shapes. 

Can we allow ourselves to change from moment to moment, to go with the demands of where we are...to shapeshift... to be reborn? Can we move in different shapes yet stay connected and continuous...

The symbolism of this chain is yours to interpret. Rich with suggestions and imagery, each wearer will conjure their own magic and mythology. Symbols and shapes, patterns and texture make the mythic spring forth with ease. A welcome break from analysis; texture and pattern of this density speak directly to our unconscious, imaginative nature. 

A weighty statement piece of a chain that you can take out for special occasions, or choose to see all day as a special occasion. It will accommodate all your frequencies. 

Available in a selection of materials, please allow 2 weeks for solid gold, 5 weeks for gold plated silver.

Kindly email any questions to enquiries@lorenlewiscole.com


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