Our elemental ground.
Free from words; the Self is wild, rugged and vivid; distressingly beautiful. The poetry of the world is always talking to us.
This collection enshrines the sensual influences of the Elements in amulet form. Wearable reminders of our tangible connectedness to where we are.  A gesture of never ending relationship with mineral, tides, depths, luminosity, currents and light. 
In exploring these amulets, you discover the intrinsic opera of femininity in all of them, unique to you as the wearer. Their chaotic precision humbling, their unknown vector keeping us at the precipice of fragility. This interplay of danger and generosity is the moving canvas where our entire lives are expressed, the theatrics of our desires, the bedrocks of our biographies. This collection of amulets was designed to remind the wearer of the primordial generosity of their own being.