Loren Lewis Cole

Discus Hoops // Synthetic Diamonds šŸŒˆ


These one of a kind hoops are made using cast in place stones. These have glistening cast in place synthetic stones. Ā 

I adore these, they look like little faces.Ā 

Easy to remove and put on with a creole clasp~ they glisten in the light as the sunshine is finally here.

Lightweight and suitable for all day wear, you won't need to take them off in the evening either.Ā 

A note on this design~ the stones face one way, so you can choose whether to have them face you, or face outwardly. To experiment, simply put them in one way, then put them in the opposite.

You'll find there is a way that feels right.

22 carat gold plated silver.Ā 

In stock and ready to ship to you.Ā 


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