Loren Lewis Cole

Vortex of the Trixter Earrings


 Two tone blue enamel earrings, 22 carat gold plated Eco Silver. 

'Tricksters' are present in mythological and folkloric traditions throughout the world. Equipped with knowledge that others do not have, they hold a naturally advantageous position given that most beings are looking out at what others do to validate their paths and inform their decisions; Tricksters, by not doing this, enjoy a vision that allows them to cross boundaries of societal and cultural decorum.

They conjure and play with expectations- sensing the world as a playful inner landscape, one that asks for our co-creation.

This traversing, when done with an honest heart and a playful demeanour is what encapsulates the possibility of the Trickster, who can shake up norms, and Artfully create new ways of being. A further characteristic of this archetype is their protected inner world. 

During the reasonably tight cultural norms of Mediaeval Europe, Court Jesters were able to say things that others would have been banished for, they held the privilege to act in unforeseen ways, and were praised for being mercurial and illusive. Often from a background of non-conformity, they carved a path to express whimsicality and spontaneity within a culture of religious and cultural conformity. It is important to recognise that most cultures have a name and a place for this jester, playful, and thoughtfully disruptive influence.

I wonder, where is yours?

Playful amulets inspired by the the Jester, the Magic Maker, the Trickster, all of whom Psyche will encounter in her voyage.


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