Loren Lewis Cole

The Come As You Are Earrings- Gold Plated Eco Silver Large Earrings

£185 £255

 Come as you are.

Has anyone ever said this to you? It's a gift to be told this.

So often we think we have to do so much, or stop doing so much. Come as you are. I love our tender prickles and our vortexes of unresolved journeying. This is what it means to be human, we're always changing and never actually arriving anywhere.

Perhaps we can take a moment to enjoy the many shapes of this moment. This, is the poem of these earrings.

The Come As You Are Earrings are a moving feast of spirals, dots and stripes.

 Organic form moving dangling earrings, 22 carat gold plated Eco Silver  

-  Length 55mm

- Weight 9 grams

- Your earrings are made using the traditional technique of lost wax casting. This makes each piece vary slightly, making it unique and ready to become part of your story

- Each piece is made lovingly for you in England

Please allow up to 4 weeks for the production of your Loren Lewis Cole Jewellery, unless it is listed in the CURRENTLY IN STOCK area of the site

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