Loren Lewis Cole

One of a kind pendant with colourful stones and tassles


I've always felt that jewellery is such an instinctive artefact because it speaks directly to that emotive, sensual and archetypal realm we're always drifting in and out of. At times we hold it closer than at others, sometimes we live there for some hours, then we leave it in order to employ our rational mind.

The rational and the not rational are both so important, though it's in the non rational, deeply symbolic imaginal realm that we connect to things past their material expression. Perhaps you've experienced it, a rush of inspiration and love that's beyond what you see around you- something that can only be translated through Art. Art is where we express these dynamic impulses of love and beauty. 

These amulets were made to remind you of that dimension, the place of beauty and tenderness. Touch these pieces, wear them and come right into the grounded presence of yourself. 

Here is where the magic is. You are where the magic is. 

Gold plated silver pendant, with sapphires, rubies, chrome diopside, and akoya keishi pearls. Completely one of a kind, a mixture of colour, texture, pattern, negative space and dynamic movement. 

Supplied with a chain ready to be worn. 

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