The Deeper Metaphor of Pearls

Cloud whisperer earrings- gold plated eco silver keishi pearls
I’m fascinated by the meandering of our paths. I started training as an Art Psychotherapist because I wanted to share the healing and insight I knew is inherent in the creative process. After a few months, my sensual expression was hungry, I felt suffocated. I thought helping people through therapy would bring me satisfaction and creative expression, but there was a volcano under me that was trying to come out. I was too in my head. Therapy wasn’t my path~ but I’m grateful it’s the path of others.
The simplicity of creating for its own sake was beyond me. It took me until I had a son and was waitressing since I was 15 years old to realise we have one life~ and we all have a fountain of generosity inherent in our being. I saw it in others but not myself. Then I said "Enough,  This volcano needs a sky otherwise I’m gunna get charred."
Pearls are formed from sand entering an oyster as an irritant. The oyster, in an attempt to defend itself from the foreign invasion, surrounds the Pearl with a calcite substance~ which becomes the Pearl. 

The irritant becomes the seed of beauty. The Cloud Whisperer Earrings are wearable shrines to the unending cycles of transformation, growth and renaissance. We have to die to become who we really are.
The function of jewellery is not merely decorative; it has mythological and spiritual  purpose too. It serves to remind and mirror to us important thresholds in our lives, both seen and unseen, visible and invisible. We're all living in a matrix of personal and collective mythology.
Through the ritual of wearing and choosing jewellery, we celebrate the inseparability of beauty and the unfolding of our paths. 


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